Bearhawk Links:

Russ Erb's Bearhawk site  This site has some excellent graphics of the color scheme that Russ plans to use on his 'hawk

Del's Bearhawk Project The author has provided info on the tools that he's been using (pro & con), and pictures of the pieces as they're built. (link corrected 12/20/01 - KF)

Dreams of Flight This site belongs to Tom Brant, and has some of the best Bearhawk photos I've yet seen on the web. Includes notes on why Tom choose a Bearhawk, and thoughts on what he's going to use for an engine. Interesting story on how he got the page title, too!

Johnson Family Bearhawk NEW! Some great construction photos here. Added 1/28/00

Know of any other builder's with pages about the Bearhawk? Drop me a line, so I can add um! Knightflyer

Past links, reported as dead... (got the new URL, anyone?)

Bearhawk Builders Web Page The first(?) web page devoted to the bearhawk. Site is run by Paul Beam. This site has the archives of the Bearhawk listserver. Answers to many questions can be found here. (Unfortunately, School caught up with Paul, and he dropped off the radar screen, and his site with him. To the best of my knowledge, it isn't back anywhere, and won't be. KF)