Welcome aboard the Dark Isles GURPS game!

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If you are here, you have joined my GURPS fantasy game, and are now wondering what to do to build a character. You may or may not have previous GURPS experience. Here are some quick guidelines to get you going, including some background on the world setting where you are going to be gaming. 

Your character is on the world of Yed, which is similar to Earth. It exists in a different dimension, but at one point in history it and the Earth "overlapped" for awhile, making travel between the two relatively easy. The earth's mana level actually "borrowed" from Yed during this time, making spell-casting possible as well. All humans on Yed came over during this time. It is rumored that they were brought by the dark elves, to serve as slaves, but no real record of this has survived. 

For this adventure (Dark Isles), the characters are on a series of islands off the mainland. Rumor has it that the mainland was destroyed by war, but little is known for sure. 

Races that are readily available as PC's are humans, elves, half-elves, halflings, dwarves, goblins and gnomes. Requests for characters outside these races will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

Players familiar with the system may build their own 100 pt characters (see the house rules first!). Players who need assistance should contact the GM with a character concept, and he will help them with developing an appropriate character. 

As mentioned in the email that likely attracted you to this game, all characters are in some way associated with the household of Baron Stephan & Lady Dana, who are moderately powerful figures in the politics of your island. While not directly in line for the throne, the baron does have a bloodline claim to it (under the right circumstances), and his heirs are valid candidates to marry royal heirs - which would of course increase the status and standing of their parents.

Some possible characters might be:

Son or daughter of the Baron

Knight under his household

Priest or such, that is friendly to the house.

retainer or servant to the baron or his lady or one of the children.

A more roguish character might be someone either in pay of the house

(spy) or someone caught by the Baron's men, and awaiting trial or punishment.

Where to?

House Rules    Magic Rules in use (read House Rules first)    Updated Armor


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