Welcome to Yrth. A world that bears a resemblance to our own Earth, yet is... different. A world of magic and adventure. The goal here is to build a character community, with mini-plots being introduced by the player characters. If we can hit "critical mass", eventually there should be enough players to find several characters in the chat room (which will be the local tavern), on any given evening, and be able to role-play within the context of the game live. 

The area the characters will be in is at the verge of civil war. Will you support the ruling Lord? Perhaps you're a rebel against him… or a mercenary, just in town to make a few fast coins. Maybe you're a merchant, worried that the upset will hurt profits… or a Knight of the Stone, sent by the king to see what's going on, and try to bring peace. There are currently about a dozen NPC's (along the lines of those described above) available for play, and the game is open for additional character ideas with GM approval. We're also seeking an experienced GM, to help moderate this (and keep the primary from losing what little sanity he has left ; )

New players who are unfamiliar with GURPS are welcome to join this game, but YOU MUST INCLUDE A WRITING SAMPLE WITH YOUR APPLICATION. Applications without a writing sample will be rejected. A 32 page version of GURPS Lite (to develop a character, and familiarize yourself with the rules) can be downloaded FREE at the Steve Jackson Games website: GURPS Lite

Hup hup, tally ho, and all that rot,
Knightflyer, Primary GM of GURPS Fantasy