So, a few people have asked "just who is this 'Knightflyer' fellow, anyway?" Well, he's my online alter ego, who's kind of a combination of my interests. Who am I? Well, my name's Dave. I have a huge family, I love airplanes, and a fun, if somewhat odd group of people called the Society for Creative Anachronism. Members of the SCA recreate medieval revels, tournaments and such, and learn about that period in time in the process. Someday, I may even learn to fly (go see the Hanger). Under these two broad categories, I have a large variety of "sub-hobbies", like brewing mead & beer, dancing, and beating steel into pretty shapes in a close facsimile of medieval armor. As if that isn't enough, I also do other things, like gaming (role-playing and board games like Star Fleet Battles), and fish keeping. Angels and Bettas are my favorites. : )

In his not-so-spare time, Knightflyer is a computer tech for Lockheed Martin.

Knightflyer's Lady
Her name is Anita, and in general, she puts up with me. Must be love, I can't figure any other reason she'd let me lead her off on some crazy crusade. What crusade that is, depends on my current interest...

The kids...
Yep, there's three of um. Wow, that's really out of date. Make that five of them! Yep, outta date again, now there's six! We moved up to a Chevy Suburban with nine-passenger seating, which leaves us one free seat to take along a friend. Our oldest will be eighteen in the summer of '08, so in a couple of years we should started heading back down on "in the house" family size, unless God blesses us again.

updated 12/13/06