A few notes on this. First of all dont expect 100 percent accuracy. I went

through the plans rather quickly and only have double checked a few areas,

and I did find mistakes. I may have made some misinterpretations, so use at

your own risk. Sizes listed are rough, usually rounded up to the nearest

inch. Again dont expect great accuracy. I used Bob's tubing convention

found on page 16 of the plans for 4130 steel. Some of my parts names or

abbreviations may be meaningless to others. E-mail me if you have a

question or suggestion. This parts list contains parts for the optional

rear and baggage door and floatplane reinforcement. If you are building one

without the extra doors there will be some tubing to add back into the

fuselage section. Also I listed the same square tubing for the front doors

as that makes for simpler but probably heavier front door construction. The

recommended tubing was 3/4x.035 round 4130. PLEASE! when you find errors

e-mail me so I can update this. I have a code for the type of part. S =

stock material, parts made by only a few simple cuts out of tubing or

aluminum sheet. F = fabricated, a part that has to be shaped or bent or has

more than a few simple holes drilled into it. P = purchased, something that

you will most likely have to buy or scrounge. The spread sheet is wide

enough that it is best printed in landscape mode if your printer can do this.