The townsfolk all seem to think that the house up on the hill is haunted. It's the only thing that they've talked about in the tavern all night. You'd originally just planned on passing through on your way home, but now your curiosity is up. On the other hand, if the place really is haunted, it could be more than you're prepared to handle.

More locals come in as it gets dark out, and they are unable to work at their farms. The locals are saying that a young woman was found dead, her wrists slit and bled white as a sheet. Many murmur that "something's up at the house." About this time, a man walks into the tavern. He doesn't appear to be a local farmer, a fact that is confirmed when he asks the tavern keeper for a room at the attached inn. He then orders a meal and a drink.

::yawn:: sounds like a bunch of superstitious hogwash, and Tim expects me home in a couple of days. Guess I'll turn in and surprise him by showing up early. She probably got so bored around here that she slit her own wrists.

That group of locals seems to be talking about it endlessly, maybe I'll join them to see what I can learn. It's hard to hear everything they're saying from over here.

Think I'll talk to that new guy. Farmers aren't really my cup of tea.