An hour or so later, Thomas comes down, and heads quietly out the front door of the inn. He only gives you the slightest glance, and no indication that you and he had talked earlier.

Another hour slips by, and there is only you and the innkeeper. You ask him if the "house" in question is close by, or if it is something far away. He tells you that it is a little ways up the mill road, just outside the village a bit. Maybe a 20 minute walk.

You continue to hang out in the tavern for another hour, until you're the only one left. The innkeeper bid you good night shortly after your talk, and after finishing his chores cleaning up the tavern for the next day's customers.

You have the following items available to you. Note what you take with you, and what you leave behind at the inn. Armor could, in theory, be pulled on over anything, but was designed to go over the black pants and shirt.

horse w/saddle & saddle bags
belt pouch (will hold 3 lbs.)
short sword
Jack armor (PD2 DR3)
wool cloak
black cotton shirt
green shirt
white blouse
nice dress
dark gray wool skirt
black cotton pants
personal basics (B212)
waterskin 8 lbs. full
simple first aid kit 2 lbs.
small knife

"well, I've got what I need, guess I'll head on up to the house" go here (010)

"You know, its still kind of early, maybe I'll hang aroung the inn (011) and look for something to do for awhile."