Hmm, what if I went and poked around a little by myself first? My friend Serena has taught me how to use a sword the last few weeks, now I'm ready for anything! Right? Maybe I can find some clues that Thomas and I can use to catch the vampire, before Thomas even arrives.

You have the following items available to you, up in your room. Note what you take with you, and what you leave behind at the inn. Armor could, in theory, be pulled on over anything, but was designed to go over the black pants and shirt.

belt pouch (will hold 3 lbs.)
short sword
Jack armor (PD2 DR3)
wool cloak
black cotton shirt
green shirt
white blouse
nice dress
dark gray wool skirt
black cotton pants
personal basics (B212)
waterskin 8 lbs. full
simple first aid kit 2 lbs.
small knife

"well, I've got what I need, guess I'll head on up to the house" go here (23)