OK, you've got the first room on the left, and the guy sawing wood in his sleep is the second on the left; you'd have to be deaf not to know that. Ah, but you've finally remembered that he didn't go down the hall far, before he slipped into his room, and thus he must have went into the first room on the right. You listen for a moment at the door, but with the noise of the other guy, it'd be hard to hear a Mac truck coming, and as a (former) earth girl, you actually know what a truck sounds like! As quietly as possible, you test the door, but it's locked.

Think I'll go try the 2nd door on the right; maybe I remembered wrong, that really is his room, and he left it open.

Maybe I'll just mozy back down to the tavern.

This place isn't exactly high-tech; maybe I can pick the lock.