Thomas has left his pack open on the bed. There are two glass bottles, wrapped in tissue paper. You find some stuff that has to be spell reagents - hardly surprising, since Thomas told you that you had mage potential, and only a mage would know that at first glance. Some of the reagents seem familiar from your training with Tim and the other enchanters of his circle. There are tiny chips of flint - handy in insuring success with fire spells. You know that is what it is for, as you have some yourself! The rest are not familiar.

Poking in further, you find a small, very sharp knife - a scalpel really. A doctor? There's some stuff that could be for a first aid kit; a tourniquet, some bandages. Then you find a small velvet bag. Pouring it out on the bed, you find an assortment of jewelry, ranging from cheap to fairly good quality. It's quite possible that the contents could be worth a several thousand silver together. On a whim, you try on one of the rings. It's a little too big for you, but definitely for a woman's finger. You take it off, and keep looking. There are a number of necklaces, and some bracelets. Indeed, it looks like everything contained in the bag is probably for women. You giggle at the thought of the dashing Thomas being a woman in disguise. You put the velvet bag back.

Digging further, you find a small book. When you open it, you realize that this is Thomas' spell book, also called a grimoire. You thumb through it, finding the following spells penned within it, all of which you've heard of from the circle: Might, Create Fire, Ignite Fire (which you know), Shape Fire, Fireball, Lend Strength (which you know), Recover Strength. It's the last section that is the most interesting though, as you've had no familiarity with most of them: Daze, Foolishness, Forgetfulness: Permanent Forgetfulness, and Sleep. The pages after the last spell are filled with tally marks - he must be keeping count of something, and the tally is getting near a hundred. You put the book down, and in an outside pocket of the pack, you find a small leather purse, and much smaller velvet bag. The purse has 73 gold crowns! An awful lot of money, to be sure. But the velvet pouch contains a variety of jewels. Not being a jeweler, it's hard to say if they're real, but you suspect that they are. You put everything away back into the pack as closely as you can remember it was.

You stand, cradling your chin in your hand, pondering the array of stuff from Thomas' pack.

Ack! if I don't hurry, I'll miss him all together! Better rush out the door, then I can ask him more questions when I see him.

I've got a bad feeling about this. Think I'll try something else.