You fall again, on your already-sprained ankle. This time, you hear the "snap". Yep, you've broken it for sure. Wobbly, you stand, and try to put just a little weight on it... The resulting pain is more than enough to convince you that using your left ankle is a really bad idea. Roll vs Will not to cry out. If you fail, go here.

OK, now you're in a pickle. You may hobble along at a move of 2. In a pinch, you may attempt to a really fast hobble at 4, but need to roll against you DX each turn that you do so, or fall down. Further, you should reduce your HT by 2, for your broken ankle. Nearby, you find an old stick that you can use as a cane, to help you limp along.


That's enough, I'll cut through the front yard, and (try) to ride home tomorrow.

Well, I avoided the front yard coming in, so I better do so going out.

Gosh darn it, I still want to see the inside of the house. But the window is out, so I'll try the back door.