Selane is a half-elven bard, used on Macray's Keep. She's shown here as she would appear when traveling on the open road, and another picture as she might appear while in town. The pictures were drawn for me by Leah Fast, whom I located on the Elfwood website. It was done by request, and is used with her kind permission. You can see the rest of her work at

Selane the Wanderer is AD&D 2nd Ed Bard. Depending on the game, she varies between 1st and 4th level (she is used in a couple of different campaigns currently, with slight modifications).


Claire Lockerby (Dragonfly, DF, or 'DestructoFairy')

Claire is kicking around in an X-men game. She's a radical modification of Clara actually, and a hoot to play. Claire *loves* chemistry, especially if that chemistry is volatile and explosive. But who could get mad at that cute face?

"Claire!" oppss...


Jacqueline Mercer (Mayday)

Mayday is a new character I've only just submitted. Still ironing out the details.