You try the Ignite Fire spell one too many times... and faint.

Being 16, you're a bit over-confident of your newly acquired magical abilities, and cast one last spell... your fatigue drops to zero, and you drop unconscious with it.

You are awakened by the Innkeeper, who is holding his keys, and shaking you to get an answer. You mumble something about vampires, and he has the town constable come and hall you away. You spend almost a week in a tiny, cramped cell that the constable uses to hold prisoners while waiting for the traveling magistrate. Luckily for you, they also sent word to Tim, who comes and settles things with the irate innkeeper. As you ride away from Birkshire, tired, cold and horribly embarrassed, you begin to talk to Tim.


"Hush!" Tim snaps at you. Then he crossly says "How what?"

"How did you get me out of trouble?"

"Bribery, combined with threats of annoying an enchanter if they didn't let you go. You've cost me a pretty penny, and I'm very annoyed with you, so just hush! Short cut indeed..."

You ride silently home, wondering if Tim will ever let you out of his sight again. If he does, you're sure that it won't be for a very long time. Thus ends your adventure.


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