Your name is Clara, and you are an apprentice mage to the Enchanter Tim. He is the head of a circle of mages in the city of Caer Aryal on the world of Yed. You are currently on your way home after having delivered a magic item that was commissioned for Tim and his circle to make. You were supposed to stay on the main merchant road, but being young and impulsive, you've decided to take a shortcut home instead. It will save you one day of travel time by cutting through the village of Birkshire, instead of taking the longer (but safer) merchant's road. You have only been on the world of Yed for about 3 months.

You are quite thin, and only stand 5'3". You are 16, and have long red hair, that reaches down to your shoulder blades, and you always wear a braid in it somewhere. Your specialty in magic (once you call your magery) is mostly to healing, because you have a knack for being able to know how people feel (empathy advantage)

If you would like a lot more detail about Clara, and how she found herself on Yed, you'll have to wait for the book...

You begin in the Inn at Birkshire. It's been a long days ride, and you're tired, but listening to the conversation of the locals is interesting, and it is really pretty early in the evening still.

If you haven't gotten Clara's character sheet (and are using her), Go Here now to print it out or write it down.